Boil a pot of water with a few slices of ginger (5 slices) and spring onions (optional). Remove chicken fats and set aside. Cut chicken feet.

Once water is boiled, dip whole chicken in hot water a few times by holding its neck. Set timer to 1 hour. Submerge whole chicken and wait for water to boil again. Cover. Ready when timer goes off. (50 mins for small chicken, 1 hour for regular size and little over 1 hour for huge chicken) use a skewer to poke chicken thigh if no blood comes out means chicken is fully cooked. 

Soak cooked chicken in ice cold water to stop the cooking immediately. 

Cut and serve.


Soak 20 mins. Drain. Wait another 20 mins. 

Stir fry chicken fats, ginger slices and garlic. Pour over rice and use chicken soup (from chicken) to cook rice. 5 Pandan leaf. Salt. 

Blend chilli, garlic, ginger calamansi juice salt, sugar.

Ginger and scallion dip:

Heat oil. Ginger goes into hot oil. Follow by half scallion. Turn off heat. Add rest of scallion. Add salt. Mix.

Soya sauce for chicken :

Chicken broth, soya sauce, shao zing wine (I use Japanese wine in this case) sugar and pepper 

Dark soya sauce :

Dark soya sauce with sugar mix.