Crust : 

1 1/4 cups (150g) flour

50g sugar

1 egg

1 tspn salt

30ml water (about 2 tbsp) 

120g butter 

Vanilla (optional)

Mix and work on tart mold. Chill. Poke hole. Heat at 200C for 10 mins, drop temperature to 180C for 15 mins. Make sure centre no puff up. If it does, flatten it down immediately and then put it back and continue heating. Once done heating, immediately glaze apricot preserves on shell tart to seal it. (Egg white is ok too) 
For the apple compote

4 apples. Chop small and pan fry with little butter until soften. Add sugar around 50g (2 tspn) once soften, use a masher to mash apples. Add some corn flour to thicken. Add cinnamon. Assemble on shell tart once cool.

Apple topping 

3 apples. Remove skin. Cut to thin slices. Assemble. Glaze with apricot preserves. Sugar dust and torch. 

Serve with ice cream .